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MedAdvisor is a FREE app that connects you to your local pharmacy and doctor, giving you an automatic list of all your medications. With MedAdvisor, you can:

Receive Reminders
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“Makes life so easy! This app helps me track and order my scripts in just a few seconds.”

Mark Evans

“I no longer run out of medications and feel more confident knowing that MedAdvisor is assisting me with reminders.”

Julia Rynehart

“I absolutely love it! I use CarerMode for the rest of my family and it makes keeping track of everything so much easier.”

Leanne Thurgar

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Pre-order your medications ahead of time, so when you arrive at the pharmacy – there is no wait!

Have management of your loved ones' medications through MedAdvisor so you can make sure they also stay on track!

Be reminded about when to take your medications, when to fill a script or when to see your doctor.

Track, manage and order your medications

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“Best app ever! MedAdvisor keeps track of all my meds, when they need to be refilled or when I need to get more scripts written by my Dr.  I don’t know how I managed without it.”

Josephine Pugh

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